The Endo-Ease Vista® Retrograde is an innovative over-tube system that helps physicians overcome challenging colonoscopies and enables efficient intubation of the terminal ileum, so ileoscopy can be performed with ease. Pushing the colonoscope through a long, floppy colon can be a difficult task due to excessive looping of the endoscope in this type of anatomy. The Vista's unique spiral helps physicians guide, stabilize and reduce the colon for advanced retrograde procedures.

GI Endoscopy Devices

The Endo-Ease Discovery® SB enables slim enteroscopes to be inserted, advanced, and positioned within the GI tract. Pleating of the small bowel by rotation of the Discovery SB spiral is known as “spiral enteroscopy.” Advancement into the small bowel is achieved with clockwise rotation of the Discovery SB over a compatible enteroscope. A coupler allows the Discovery SB to be fixed to the enteroscope for spiral advancement or disengaged to permit conventional manipulation of the endoscope. Spiral enteroscopy is an easy technique to learn and with little practice, deep and quick enteroscopies are possible.