The new Dexterity™ Steerable Introducer is a multi-use tool that enables physicians to easily access regions of the cardiac anatomy that are difficult to reach, including the left side of the heart. This semi rigid, steerable sheath has the unique ability to articulate at two independent locations at the distal tip. This flexible tool conforms to the shape of the anatomy to optimize positioning of various interventional and diagnostic catheters. With proximal and distal tip steering for ultimate control, it is also fitted with:

  • Ergonomic, self-locking control wheels for proximal and distal tip steering.

  • Hemostasis valve to minimize blood loss during catheter introduction.

  • Three-way side port stopcock for air/blood aspiration, fluid infusion, blood sampling and pressure monitoring.

  • Radiopaque marker at the distal tip to improve fluoroscopic visualization.

Dexterity Steerable Introducers are available in 9F x 75cm and 14F x 80cm lengths. The 9F device is packaged with a stylet. The 14F device is packaged with a stylet, dilator, tear-away introducer and a split sheath plug. 

The dual articulation capability allows for unprecedented access not only to the left atrium but also down through the mitral valve and into virtually all structures of the left ventricle. The video below demonstrates the Dexterity in use.